Airport Board of Directors – As of January, 2021

The airport board is made of members from the cities of Auburn and Lewiston as well as a member of the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments and the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council.

Glen Holmes

Heather Hunter
Lewiston Finance Director

Marc Blais
Lewiston At Large

Stephanie Gelinas
Lewiston City Councilor

Brian Carrier
Auburn City Councilor

Mary LaFontaine
Lewiston – Auburn Economic Growth Council

Jennifer Williams
Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments

Jim Horn
Chamber Representative

Auburn-Lewiston Airport
Auburn-Lewiston Airport

Purpose of this Board

  • Operate and maintain the Auburn-Lewiston Airport. Conduct strategic planning and implement projects and improvements necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the airport.
  • Provide for continued access by the cities of Auburn and Lewiston, as well as the surrounding communities to the national airspace system.
  • Encourage the economic growth of the airport by attracting new businesses to the airport and surrounding airpark(s).
  • Develop policies that encourage the economic self-sufficiency of the airport.
  • Stimulate aeronautical development and expansion at the airport, as appropriate to users’ needs and the needs of Auburn, Lewiston and the surrounding communities.
  • Define and set into motion: policies, projects, and programs that will increase airport viability and result in increased airport and community growth.
  • Manage the existing Auburn-Lewiston Airport, and its primary property situated on the Hotel and Lewiston Junction Roads, Auburn, which consist of land, buildings, easements, fixtures, equipment and tools.
  • Manage all other property both real and personal, which are part of, or used at the existing airport facility, together with all leases, bank accounts, accounts receivable, and all other intangible property.

Master Plan

Why is a master plan necessary?

An airport master plan is needed for two reasons:  First, to establish a logical set of development parameters and timelines that will coincide with the airport’s needs over time. Second, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires an up-to-date plan to remain eligible for federal grant funds. Many capital improvement projects are eligible to receive up to 95% funding from the federal government.


Airport Rules and Regulations


Airport By-Laws


Auburn-Lewiston Airport
Auburn-Lewiston Airport


Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm.
They are at Auburn City Hall 60 Court St, Auburn, in the Community Room on the second floor and are available online, following the link given on the agenda.


2021 Agenda

Archived Agenda

Auburn-Lewiston Airport



Auburn-Lewiston Airport