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East Ramp Construction Project (Update)

Dear Tenants and Stakeholders,

I hope you are all doing well. Here are some updates from around the Airport: The East Ramp is looking good. We are within a week of beginning the paving phase of the project. The electrical is installed, and the grass areas are being shaped and prepared for loom and seed. The completion date is still penciled in for October 14, 2022. I am looking forward to this project being completed, so we can focus on welcoming new tenant pilots to the East Ramp area. Some of these pilots will be coming from Twitchell’s Airport and taking up tenancy in the T-Hangars.

I have heard several comments from aircraft owners for the Airport to build T-Hangars on the property. I feel this request is long overdue to being fulfilled. During the Airport Master Plan process this coming year, adding T-hangars to the Airport’s inventory of hangar space will be a priority. There are many benefits to T-hangar leasing for both the tenants and the airport. We should focus on building T-hangars of various sizes.

The cold storage hangar is getting the attention it needs for the winter. Many of you noticed that the roll-up door is removed and that the bottom-rolling doors are now working. This was made possible by the airport staff members. Airport management also had the asbestos mitigated in the hangar and has received a clean air-quality certificate. In the past week, the Airport management had additional electrical outlets installed inside the hangar which will allow tenants to plug in their aircraft oil/engine heaters. The outlets are on their own circuit breakers to prevent overloading the circuits.

The White Hangar will be transitioning back to the Airport and will undergo a structural inspection before any new lease agreements will be assigned. Geneva Aviation, which took over for Silver Wings in 2005, will be ending its service to LEW in November of this year. The White Hangar was built in 1937 and has had many structural adjustments made to it over the years. The Airport management is doing the due diligence to ensure the safety and integrity of the building is intact which is required by the Airport’s insurance provider. Having a passing structural inspection will also allow the Airport management to apply for any FAA grants for rehabilitating airport owned hangars.

Take care of yourselves, and please contact the Airport Manager with any questions.

James H. Scheller, C.M.
Airport Manager
Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport



The Auburn-Lewiston Airport is a 627-acre Regional Reliever General Aviation facility that is one of the busiest in the State of Maine for runway operations. The airport supports local and regional general aviation, flight training, cargo, and a large volume of corporate activity.

We also do a little “camp” business in the summer. Last year, we averaged 144 runway operations per day or 52,750 annually, second only to Sanford Coastal Regional Airport in Sanford Maine.


                    The Connies


The Auburn-Lewiston Airport was home to two Lockheed Constellation L-1649A aircraft, also called the Super Constellation Starliner, (later shortened to Super Star or Starliner) and more commonly known as the Connie. Out of 44 Starliners built, only four of these still exist. The Constellation line was commissioned and designed by TWA’s owner, Howard Hughes, and used for commercial flights in the 1950 and 1960s. Several years later, in 2008, Lufthansa Technick North America started the restoration project at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport.

In 2018 the restored Connie was loaded onto a flatbed truck and shipped to JFK Airport in New York to be used as a cocktail lounge at the new TWA hotel located at the former TWA terminal. The other plane was packed up and shipped to Germany in hopes of restoring it there.

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Auburn-Lewiston Airport Terminal Building

A Public Institution

The cities of Auburn and Lewiston own and operate the airport through a nonprofit, quasi-municipal government corporation. Policy and strategic direction for the airport are set by a Board of Directors who meet in a public meeting at the airport. The Airport Board of Directors is comprised of an elected official, a city staffer, and a citizen at large from each city. In addition to those six, a representative from the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Growth Council are also part of the Board of Directors. The Board employs the Airport Director to manage the day to day operations and to carry out the policies and strategies set by the Board.

Long & Rich History

The airport has a long history with the Twin Cities. Since its beginning in 1935, many improvements have occurred which have helped to meet changing aviation demands and community needs. During World War II, this airport served as an auxiliary training facility for the US Navy.

Serving The Public is Our Top Priority

We now thrive by serving the varied needs of corporate, charter, cargo, and recreational aviation activities. This diversity will continue into the future as we look at ways to build additional hangar capacity, improve ground access and parking, and explore the development of non-aeronautical revenue streams to provide the needed financial stability for the airport to continue its mission of providing a safe, economical transportation interchange for people and freight thereby enhancing the prosperity of the region.

Auburn-Lewiston Airport Staff


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