Airport parking lot

The Airport parking lots are located in front of the terminal. There are Airpark business tenants who use the lot for their employees and equipment parking needs. Please observe the signs posted in the various lot areas in order to allow customers and tenants the courtesy to park in their assigned areas. Currently the Airport does not charge for parking. The map depicts the breakdown of the parking lot.

  • Lot A: FBO parking. Customers and Tenants using the FBO, tiedown areas, or leaving their vehicles more than 72 hours are requested to park in this lot.
  • Lot B: This area is assigned to US Foods.
  • Lot C: Daily (less than 24-hours) customers, employees, and restaurant customers.
  • Lot D: Reserved for authorized Rental Car Concessionaires Ready/Return
  • Lot E: Maximum of 3 hours
Auburn Lewiston Airport, Parking Map