Pilot Information

We are a Best Communications Practices Fixed Base Operator

Auburn-Lewiston Airport (LEW) is a non-towered airport and open to the public. It is located at Lat/Long: 44.0484728 / -70.2835075. The airport is shown on the Montreal Sectional. The airport has two active runways–Runway 4-22 and Runway 17-35. In calm wind, Runway 4 is the preferred runway.

For safety and improvement to the operational efficiency, the airport has added additional ramp space on the west side and reconstructed Taxiway B to include both sides of Runway 4-22. Future improvement include reconstruction of Runway 17-35, a redesigned landside automobile parking area, and a relocated, larger fuel farm. These improvements will help accommodate the development of hangars, increase ramp parking, and support the continued growth of the airport.


Current Fuel Price per Gallon
      as of April 27, 2022

             Jet A   $7.90
            AvGas  $6.21

Auburn-Lewiston Airport

Landing Fee Guidance

  • The uniform landing fee rate is $2.00 per 1,000 lbs of maximum gross landing weight as certified by the aircraft manufacturer, with a minimum fee of $15.00.
  • Aircraft based at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport will be exempt from paying landing fees upon demonstration that the aircraft was based at the Airport for the 30-day period prior to the imposition of the landing fee.
  • Itinerant aircraft under 4,000 gross landing weight will be exempt from landing fees.

De-icing Procedure (Type I)

Maximum heights of aircraft for our de-icing:

Vertical surface (tail, rudder) = 16 feet
Horizontal surface (fuselage, elevators) = 10 feet


Itinerant Aircraft Parking

FBO: 207.784.6318
Itinerant aircraft under 4,000 lbs. will be exempt from overnight charges in the first 7 days; they then will incur a monthly charge.

Gate Access

We have installed the electronic security gates with card readers to control traffic on the flight-line area and make sure the people using the area are properly insured and trained.

Overnight Tie Down Fee

  • Less than 4,000lbs – 1st Seven Days Free
  • 4,000-12,500lbs – $15.00 per night
  • Greater than 12,500lbs – $40.00 per night
  • Nightly Hangar rate for ALL aircraft is $65.00.

Monthly Hangar Fee (If Available)

  • As low as 3/4 cent per ft2, based on type of aircraft and aircraft footprint

Monthly Parking Fee

  • There is no Ramp Fee
  • Non-Electric (Single Engine) – $40 per month
  • Non-Electric (Multi Engine) – $50 per month
  • Electric (Single Engine) – $55 per month
  • Electric (Multi Engine) – $65 per month
  • Jet/Turbo – $250/$400 per month


Auburn-Lewiston Airport Wings Of Freedom Tour