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Auburn-Lewiston Airport (LEW) is a non-towered airport and open to the public. It is located at Lat/Long: 44.0484728 / -70.2835075. The airport is shown on the Montreal Sectional. The airport has two active runways–Runway 4-22 and Runway 17-35. In calm wind, Runway 4 is the preferred runway.

For safety and improvement to the operational efficiency, the airport has added additional ramp space on the west side and reconstructed Taxiway B to include both sides of Runway 4-22. Future improvement include reconstruction of Runway 17-35, a redesigned landside automobile parking area, and a relocated, larger fuel farm. These improvements will help accommodate the development of hangars, increase ramp parking, and support the continued growth of the airport.


          Current Fuel Price per Gallon
                as of February 2, 2023

                            Jet A  $7.89
                           AvGas  $6.51

Auburn-Lewiston Airport
Auburn-Lewiston Airport Wings Of Freedom Tour

Airport Fees -As of June 1, 2022

Landing Fees
• Aircraft will be charged a fee of $3.25 per 1,000 lbs. if greater than 4,000 lbs
• Aircraft under 4,000 lbs., based aircraft, and government/military are not charged this fee

Aircraft Parking
Landing weight        Overnight parking fee

• <4000 lbs              $20 per week, not prorated
• 4000-12500 lbs     $25 per night
• 12500 > lbs           $50 per night

Based Aircraft and Long-Term Apron Parking
• $60/month electric and $50/month non-electric (single engine)
• $65/month electric and $55/month non-electric (multi-engine)
• $250/month (turbo prop, single/twin)
• $400/month (jet)

Hangar Fees
• Nightly rate for ALL aircraft is $55.00.
• *Monthly Commercial Rate: ($0.020 per square ft. of aircraft x 30 days = $).
• *Monthly General Aviation Rate Heated Hangar: ($0.0085 per square ft. of aircraft x 30 days = $).
• *Monthly General Aviation Rate Non-Heated Hangar: ($0.0080 per square ft. of aircraft x 30 days = $).
*Monthly rate must be paid in full at the time of entry.

Call Out Fees
• Customers will be charged $200 call out fee for the first 2 hours and $50 per hour for any additional hours needed
• Customers will be charged $65 for after-hours fee if the activity occurs within an hour of normal operation times with advanced notice and $50 per hour for any additional hour.  Management requests customers to reserve these after-hour services prior to 5:00 pm to ensure this rate

• Maximum heights of aircraft for our de-icing:
Vertical surface (tail, rudder) = 16 feet
Horizontal surface (fuselage, elevators) = 10 feet
• Type 1
• Startup/Application fee: $200 (includes 10 gallons of heated fluid)
• $20/gallon for additional fluid needed

Lavatory Service:  $75 all aircraft

Engine Preheat
• $50 for every 30 minutes

Power GPU: $75 /hour

Maintenance: Non-A&P services
• All maintenance $85/hour
• Maintenance call-out minimum of 3 hours (Refer to “Call Out Rate” schedule)

Aircraft Towing

Single engine/piston:  $20.

Multi engine and jet:  $25

Towing fees will not be charged to Tenants having a Hangar Lease Agreement (i.e. Aircraft parked in the FBO and Cold Storage Hangars). This is only applicable to the aircraft identified in the Lease Agreement.

Aircraft exterior cleaning: $85/hour

Aircraft Carpet Spot Cleaning: $35 for up to 2 sq ft.

Annual Commercial Activity Fee
All persons involved in commercial activity as defined in the Airport Minimum Standards at the airport will be charged $600 ($50 monthly) annual activity fee

Auto Parking
Non-airport customer vehicles, parked in the airport parking lot, will be charged $1/day or $30 per month

Gate Cards: Gate Cards can be purchased by based aircraft owners/pilots for $50 each

Catering Fees: Fees agreed upon in advance