Serving 100,000+ pilots

One of Maine’s Busiest Aviation Facilities

Raises the bar of Excellence

Our goal is the same as when we started more than 80 years ago in 1935: providing Southern and Central Maine safe, efficient, quality aeronautical services and contributing to the prosperity of our community. We achieve this mission by serving corporate, charter, cargo, and recreational aviation activities while developing non-aeronautical revenue streams for increased financial stability.

Aircraft Rates

Landing Fees

Aircraft 4,000+ lbs

$3.25/1,000 lbs

Aircraft less than 4,000 lbs

no charge

Based Aircraft

no charge


no charge

Aircraft Parking

Landing Weight less than 4,000 lbs


Maintenance – Non-A&P services

Landing Weight 4,000-12,500 lbs


Landing Weight 12,500+ lbs


all aircraft

Based Aircraft and Long-Term Apron Parking

Single engine, electric


Single engine, non-electric


Multi-engine, electric


Multi-engine, non-electric


Turbo prop, single or twin




Hangar Fees

Please contact the airport to discuss available heated and unheated hangar space and rates.

Call Out Fees

Management requests customers to reserve the after-hour services prior to 5:00 pm to ensure this rate. The after-hours rate applies to activity that occurs within an hour of normal operation times with advanced notice.

First 2 hours


Normal Hours, each additional hour


After-Hours, each additional hour


Other Services

Engine Preheat

$50/half hour

Maintenance – Non-A&P services

Power GPU


Maintenance: Non-A&P services


Maintenance call-out minimum of 3 hours (Refer to “Call Out Rate” schedule)

Lavatory Service


all aircraft



Does not apply to aircraft in airport hangars or if staying overnight

A 627-acre Regional Reliever General Aviation Facility

Today…Looking Forward

The cities of Auburn and Lewiston own and operate this airport in southeastern Androscoggin County, Maine, in the City of Auburn, approximately 4 miles southwest of the city’s center. Overall responsibility for airport operations is through the Board Chair. The board’s primary objective is to stimulate aeronautical development and expansion at the airport through policies and projects that will increase airport viability and growth.

Other Rates

Auto Parking, Long Term


Boats, RVs, Cars

Auto Parking, Daily


Non-airport customer vehicles, parked in the airport parking lot

Commercial Activity


All persons involved in commercial activity as defined in the Airport Minimum Standards at the airport will be charged $600 annual activity fee

Gate Card

$50 each

Gate Cards can be purchased by based aircraft owners or pilots



Airport Weather Center

Clear Sky


11.50 m/h


39° F | 43° F

1009 hPa