Airport Services

Approach Procedures

Instrument Approach Procedures can be downloaded directly from the FAA or from the following sites.  Always verify the dates on charts and consult appropriate NOTAMs.


Airport Minimum Standards for
Commercial Activities

The Auburn-Lewiston Airport is obligated to make the airport available for public use under reasonable conditions and without unjust discrimination. Inherent in that obligation is the responsibility to develop standards that promote safety in all airport activities, protect airport users from unlicensed and unauthorized products and services, maintain and enhance the availability of adequate services for all airport users, promote the orderly development of airport land, and ensure efficiency of operations.

These minimum standards shall be used by the Auburn-Lewiston Airport staff and Board of Commissioners to evaluate applications to conduct commercial aeronautical activities at the Airport.

A&P Maintenance

Skyward Aviation

Auburn-Lewiston Air Center

Dirigo Aerospace Solutions