Auburn-Lewiston Airport

The Auburn-Lewiston Airport is nestled on 627 acres and serves as one of the business aviation facilities in the State of Maine for runway operations. LEW is one of the 3,300 airports listed in the National Plan of Integrated Airport System in the U.S. To put LEW in perspective to the rest of the U.S. Airports: There are approximately 14,400 private-use (closed to the public) and 5,000 public-use (open to the public) airports, heliports, and seaplane bases.

Do not be fooled by the private aircraft and hangar ownership, LEW is a public use airport and listed in the NPIAS as a General Aviation Reliever Airport, which means it helps to relieve the smaller aircraft from the larger airports where the commercial activity is operating. This NPIAS status makes LEW eligible for FAA Airport Improvement Plan (AIP) Grant funding, which allows the airport to grow in concert with the rest of the NPIAS airports across the State of Maine and the U.S.

The LEW airport has more than 50,000 operations each year which are comprised of itinerant, local, and military operations.

The airport provides the public to sightseeing tours, air charter operators, flight schools and other businesses which contribute to sustained aeronautical and non-aeronautical supporting commercial activity of the LEW.

A Public Institution

The cities of Auburn and Lewiston own and operate the airport through a nonprofit, quasi-municipal government corporation. Policy and strategic direction for the airport are set by a Board of Directors who meet in a public meeting at the airport. The Airport Board of Directors is comprised of an elected official, a city staffer, and a citizen at large from each city. In addition to those six, a representative from the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Growth Council are also part of the Board of Directors. The Board employs the Airport Director to manage the day to day operations and to carry out the policies and strategies set by the Board.

Auburn Lewiston Airport Today… and Looking Forward

All of our seasoned management staff are highly trained in aviation services and airport management which provides a high degree of safety and business growth for the airport.

Our Standard of Excellence Goes Way Back

The airport has a long history with the Twin Cities. Since its beginning in 1935, many improvements have occurred which have helped to meet changing aviation demands and community needs. During World War II, this airport served as an auxiliary training facility for the US Navy.

Our goal is the same as when we started more than 80 years ago: to provide central Maine with safe, efficient, quality aeronautical services and to contribute to the prosperity of our surrounding community.