Flight Simulator

For Flight Training out of the Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport, contact Chickadee Aviation based in Hangar #9 on the Airport’s East Ramp. They can be reached at 207-281-0341 or [email protected].

The simulator is FAA Certified and is open to the public* for use during normal business hours, seven day a week by scheduling with Chickadee Aviation. The Airport does not administer the flight training or have a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). The simulator may be used alongside a Chickadee Aviation instructor, or you may bring your own instructor to use the Airport’s system.

Schedule Your Simulator Time

Call Airport Customer Service at 207-786-0631

About the Redbird LD/CL Flight Simulator (non-motion)

Expansion Pack Specifications:

  • C-172-G GFC700
  • G-1000 or Steam gauges
  • FAA Certified
  • Redbird premium yoke with 2-axis control loading
  • Single engine Vernier throttle quadrant
  • Magnetos and Starter Switch
  • Master battery and alternator switch
  • Two (2) fuel pump switch
  • Landing light switch
  • Navigation lights switch
  • Beacon switch
  • Strobe light switch
  • Pilot heater switch
  • Avionics master switch
  • Landing gear switch and indicator LED’s
  • Elevator trim wheel
  • Wing flaps switch
  • Alternate static air switch
  • Fuel selector valve
  • Pause flight button
  • End flight button
  • Pilot side headphone and microphone jacks
  • Co-Pilot side headphone and microphone jacks
  • Audio system providing environmental and engine sound
  • Pilot key port
  • Corvus –Foreflight Sync, AHRS data, and ADS-B TIS-B information